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Unwanted Tree and Debris Removal, Soil and Site Preparation in Whitehorse

When you choose a plot of land to build your house on or a commercial lot where your new office building is to be constructed, there may be some trees in the way. Yukon Tree Services provides commercial and residential site preparation in Whitehorse to make room for your construction projects. We provide all aspects of site preparation, including the removal of:

  • Trees
  • Debris
  • Soil
  • Underground tanks
  • And more

Whatever’s in the way of your construction project will be removed by the expert team at Yukon Tree Services because of our attention to detail and commitment to customer service.

Our Site Preparation Services in Whitehorse
Site preparation is the first step of any construction project; it is important because it helps lay the foundation for the building or structure. You need to have a level surface free from debris, trees and mounds of soil before beginning your construction process. Our site preparation services in Whitehorse are available for all types of construction projects, including:

  • Homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Roads
  • Driveways
  • Parking areas

For each of these projects, some of the specific site preparation services we can provide include:

  • Site clearing – This service includes the removal of trees, roots, shrubs and other vegetation that is on your building site.
  • Excavation – This service is only necessary in certain situations, such as when a home is getting a basement. Dirt is removed from where you home will be located to make room for underground spaces.
  • Rough grading – This service is necessary when the ground is uneven or slanted. It allows you to have a flat building surface for your parking lot or structure by moving the dirt until the ground is level.

As part of our site preparation services, we are also able to demarcate the rough outline of your home, site office and access points for trucks.

Our Focus on Efficiency & Environmental Friendliness
Our site preparation services are as efficient as possible due to the help of advanced technology and equipment. To ensure a fast and effective job, our equipment consists of various machinery such as trenching equipment, excavation equipment, skid steers, chainsaws and more. With the use of this equipment, we are able to be more efficient and cost-effective with our services.

Our goal is to have a low environmental impact during our site preparation in Whitehorse, so our team always plans ahead before starting a project. To prevent disruptions to nearby wildlife, we ensure the location and size of the lot are both correct, and we make sure there are easy access points for our equipment.

Contact Yukon Tree Services for Site Preparation in Whitehorse
Before your construction company can get started building a residential home or commercial building, site preparation is necessary. Whitehorse’s own Yukon Tree Services provides site preparation services such as tree removal and rough grading to ensure the foundation of your project is level and secure.

With a focus on friendly, timely and effective service, you can rely on our arborists to complete your site preparation job within your specified timeline. Contact us today to schedule our site preparation services in Whitehorse or anywhere in the Yukon.

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