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Partial Forest Removal and Selective Logging in Whitehorse

Forestry is a growing industry in the Yukon because over 50% of the land is covered in forest. If you are interested in harvesting timber on private or public property, you need to make sure you do so in a sustainable manner. Yukon Tree Services provides selective logging to Whitehorse and all of the Yukon. Selective logging is the practice of cutting down just a few trees rather than an entire forest.

Yukon’s Forest Resources Act requires that timber harvesting is a long-term sustainable process. Through selective logging, you will be able to meet this requirement. If you’re interested in harvesting timber for personal or commercial uses, you can rely on Yukon Tree Services for selective logging and partial forest removal.

Sustainable Timber Harvesting Practices
The goal of selective logging is sustainability. When clear cutting, or cutting down entire forests, is used in the timber industry, it leaves nothing behind to regrow. Selective logging prevents an entire forest from being destroyed because just a few trees are removed. It also allows loggers to be more selective and avoid cutting down entire species of trees.

To have a bright future as individuals and a country as a whole, we need to ensure we’re using sustainable practices while interacting when the environment. We want our children and grandchildren to have access to the beautiful public parks and forests that we currently have, but we have to make an effort to sustain such places. The use of selective logging is one way to do so.

Why Choose Arborists for Selective Logging in Whitehorse
An arborist is trained in planting, caring for and maintaining trees. The arborists at Yukon Tree Services provide a wide range of tree care services from pruning to site preparation. We care about the environment and want to make sure your property is properly maintained during any of our services. Logging is no different. When properly planned and executed, selective logging is the best way to maintain the environment for timber and logging purposes.

We minimize our impact on the area around the trees to be cut down by planning ahead. By law, any logging company must draw up an approved forest management plan before harvesting trees on public lands. The team at Yukon Tree Services always ensures our forest management plans are approved before beginning a project.

During our selective logging in Whitehorse:

  • We are always sure not to run over smaller trees with our skidder equipment, and we pull the logs out of the forest in a safe and conscientious manner.
  • We always plan a path for our logging cables, and avoid destroying saplings and other vegetation.
  • We minimize felling damage by making sure the tree lands in a relatively clear area. This is an effort to prevent the destruction of saplings and protect our workers.
  • We attempt to angle felled trees so that they will be in line with the skidder. This allows us to pull the tree straight out of the forest and minimize damage to the trees left standing.

For these reasons and more, we think we’re the perfect team to call for selective logging in Whitehorse. Contact us today to schedule our services or learn more about what we can do for you.

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